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Fire Damage Testimonials

To whom it may concern:

I wanted to express my gratitude for the assistance by American Cross for the ensuing aftermath of recovering from the fire at my apartment building which left me (3rd floor Unit) and all the other tenants in the building complex without a home.

This gratitude also extends to Matt DeSpain and SERVPRO for which they have provided their services to clean and restore smoke and water damaged clothing items to their usable state that would have been costly to do. Matt personally went out of his way to pick up two trash bag quantities of clothing items and returned and restored in two nicely packed boxes. I understand this service was graciously extended to other tenants as well. We are fortunate to have organizations such as these that step up to help the community that finds itself in unfortunate circumstances such as this.




I would like to thank you and your company so much for the kindness given to my daughter and her family.  As you can imagine the fire at Sunset Pond apartments was a shock and a life altering experience.  My daughter Kashia is just starting her life with her new family, and to lose most of their belongings to a fire was devastating.  Some of the things that they thought were lost may not seem like much to some, but were important to them.  Your company saved many of those items, including the seven dwarfs collection she had as a child that were displayed in her son's room at the time of the fire.

Thank you again, and please thank your company.  Definitely a company that supports the community.


T—- you walk the walk.  I have been since day one given thanks that you are involved.  

I appreciate you working with me on this. Thank you for helping me with the fire at my condo.

I just wanted to let you know how great our experience was with all of your employees, especially Igor. Having your house catch on fire is the worst thing that has happened to us in a long time. SERVPRO and especially your people helped make it tolerable.

We had a fire in our home and SERVPRO came out to clean up the mess. Our home was filled with soot and smelled like smoke. When SERVPRO was done we couldn't even smell the smoke anymore. They also cleaned all of our household items and returned them to our home is great condition. We will be recommended the crew at SERVPRO to everyone we know. Thank You.